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Dr. Vygintas Bubnys

Independent Member

Vygintas Bubnys, based in Lithuania, serves as the Chairman of the Board at AB VERSME. His extensive career in the banking and management sectors includes pivotal roles at UAB Grinda, European Merchant Bank UAB, NORD/LB Lithuania, DnB/NORD Lithuania, DNB Lithuania, and Balticum Management. His leadership is informed by years of diverse experiences across these reputable institutions.

Mr. Bubnys is academically accomplished. He earned a Master’s degree in Economic Cybernetics from Vilnius University between 1982 and 1984, followed by a Doctorate in Economics specialising in Social Sciences from the same institution. His academic background lays a solid foundation for his strategic and analytical approaches to business management.

With expertise in Business Strategy, Business Planning, and Management, Vygintas Bubnys is a recognized figure in the industry. His analytical skills enhance his professional and operational capabilities, significantly impacting business operations and strategic direction at AB VERSME.