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Eugenijus Preikša


Eugenijus Preikša currently serves as the Chief Risk Officer at European Merchant Bank, where he plays a pivotal role in steering the company through various challenges and opportunities in the financial and banking sector. His career is distinguished by top management positions that emphasized both financial and non-financial risk management, general company development, and strategic business decisions. His expertise extends to corporate governance and understanding diverse economic sectors and business models, particularly through rigorous credit risk analysis.

Eugenijus has a robust track record of managing crises and ensuring business continuity, skills that are critical in his capacity to influence top-level external stakeholders and guide the bank through uncertain and high-pressure situations. His strategic decisions are informed by a deep comprehension of national and international organisational development, allowing him to navigate and adapt to complex environments adeptly.

Holding a Master of Social Science Degree from Stockholm University, Eugenijus combine academic knowledge with extensive practical experience. This educational background supports his strategic insights and decision-making processes, making him a key asset to European Merchant Bank’s management team.