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Guven Aytas

Head of Global Sales

Güven Aytaş holds the position of Global Head of Sales and is a Member of the Management Board at European Merchant Bank. With over two decades of experience in the banking industry, he is a seasoned C-level Sales Executive known for his profound expertise in Transactional Banking, Global Cash Management, Payments, Cards, Trade Finance, and Global Banking. He has made valuable contributions in the fields of sales and cash management in national and international banks.

Güven’s profound expertise in the fintech domain is unparalleled, showcasing an extensive comprehension of industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, and market dynamics. His invaluable insights and strategic acumen have been instrumental in steering our bank towards proactive decision-making, ensuring our continual leadership in an ever-transforming landscape.

He is recognized as one of the industry leaders in Banking as a Service (BaaS) and Embedded Finance applications, areas where he has actively led digital transformations and excelled in analytics. Güven’s strategic vision in these domains is complemented by his ability to foster strong Fintech collaborations, positioning his institutions at the forefront of innovation and service excellence in the banking sector.

Throughout his illustrious career, Güven Aytaş has consistently demonstrated a dynamic sales and business development approach, driving growth and establishing strong market presences. His leadership and innovative strategies in navigating the complexities of global banking have made him a pivotal figure in the industry.