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Sarp Demiray


Sarp Demiray was born in 1974 in Ankara, Turkey, and has a robust academic background with a B.A. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Middle East Technical University (METU). He further completed a PhD program at Yeditepe University, focusing on the moderating factors that affect mobile marketing performance in the Turkish market. Sarp has carved a niche in Direct Banking, Digital Banking, and Marketing through his extensive experience.

His professional journey began at Garanti Bank AŞ, where he honed skills in digital marketing, direct sales, and business management over five years across various departments, including retail, affluent, and CRM. He then moved to Akbank as the senior vice president of product and channel development and subsequently led the Direct Banking Strategy and Segment Management Division. After three years at Akbank, Sarp served as CEO and CDO at ATA Online, driving significant innovations and strategic initiatives in customer service design, marketing, sales, and R&D. His tenure at ATA Online is noted for pioneering services like Investment Coaching and Instant Calls.

Currently, Sarp Demiray is the CEO and a Board Member at European Merchant Bank (EMBank), where he promotes the “banking for growth” philosophy. Under his leadership for nearly 3 years, the bank has seen pivotal development and growth.