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Aurelijus Šveikauskas

Deputy CEO

Aurelijus Šveikauskas holds the position of Deputy CEO and Local Head of Sales at European Merchant Bank. With more than 25 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry, he is a seasoned C-level Executive.
His experience and competencies encompass business strategy and development, improvement of processes and products, finance and risk management, IT development in banking, leasing, credit, consumer finance and other financial services sectors.
During his career, Aurelijus had to manage one of the largest consumer financing companies, a leasing company and a business unit in a bank. As well, before joining EMBank, he also led the process to acquire a bank’s license, which was granted in 2022 by ECB, and to establish the bank’s operations. His strategic thinking and profound analytical skills are hallmarks of his professional skills.
In addition to his financial expertise, Aurelijus has proven competencies in project management. He leads cross-functional teams organizing implementation of projects. His collaborative efforts with stakeholders and drive to achieve results underscore his ability to manage and execute complex projects effectively.
Throughout his career, Aurelijus Šveikauskas has consistently demonstrated a dynamic sales, marketing and business development approach, driving growth and establishing strong market presences. His leadership and innovative strategies in navigating the complexities of global finance have made him a pivotal figure in the industry.
He holds an MBA degree from Vilnius University, which complements his technical expertise and strong business management foundation.