Flexible lending solutions
for your Business!

Working capital loan is a short-term solution
that will cater to your immediate working capital needs.

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Flexible lending solutions for your Business!

Working capital loan is a convenient solution for financing working capital. It is relevant for businesses with longer production cycles or payment terms from customers, or with seasonal working capital needs.
At EMBank, we’re committed to your success. With flexible tailor-made lending offers, we aim to support your business’s growth and financial strength. Whether it’s expansion, inventory management, or any other business need, we’ve got you covered.


  • Flexible solutions for each Business
  • Fixed repayment schedule, easy cash flow planning
  • At maturity the credit shall be completely repaid


  • Financing amount to 2‘000‘000 EUR
  • Agreement term – 12 months
  • Interest rate – fixed or floating with reference to 6 month EURIBOR + bank‘s margin
  • Repayment – after full disbursement monthly or quarterly
  • Collateral – unsecured or secured with mortgage on real estate, pledge of fixed assets, inventory, accounts receivable, personal surety or corporate guarantee. As well individual guarantee issued by „Invega“ can be applicable.

Loan Amount:

Min: €50,000 - Max: €2,000,000

Loan Term (in months):

Min: 3m - Max: 60m
Monthly Payment:

Total Interest: 0€

The displayed payment schedule is calculated based on 7.5% annual interest rate and represents indicative values. Final conditions can be determined after the evaluation of customer’s application.

If you would like to use the INVEGA guarantee or compensation of interest for your loan, please visit this page for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a working capital loan?
The service is aimed to finance working capital, when granted loan is repaid on a predetermined payment schedule.
Why choose a working capital loan?
A working capital loan is a convenient working capital financing solution. It is relevant for businesses whose specifics are related to a longer production cycle, or payment terms from customers, or have seasonal working capital needs.
What is the process for granting a working capital loan?
In order to obtain working capital, the client must submit certain documents to the Bank. After assessment of the application, the bank decides how much credit line limit to grant.
What documents are required to apply for financing?

Documents to be submitted:

  • Filled credit application
  • Last annual report and interim report for the current financial year
  • Description of the purpose of the loan
  • Financial forecasts
  • Property valuation report, if real estate is mortgaged
What are the fees and commissions for lending?
You can find the fees and commissions which are applicable for EMBank lending products:

Service or transaction Fee, EUR
1 Administration fee for concluding Loan agreement From 0,5% of the amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
2 Fee for increasing the amount of the Loan From 0,2 % of the total outstanding amount (min. 200 €)
3 Fee for extending of the maturity of the Loan From 0,5 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
4 Fee for other amendments of the Loan agreement From 0,1 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
5 Commitment fee From 1 % of the unused amount of the Loan
6 Fee for early repayment of the Loan 2 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan to be repaid (min. 200 €)


Other fees:

7 Issuance of the permission to pledge collateral by subsequent pledge 0,5% of the amount of the Loan (min. 300 €)
8 Other permissions and consents  50 €
9 Documents issued by Local customer request 50 €


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