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EMBank Investment Loans

As businesses grow, they often need to invest in fixed assets such as capital goods, vehicles, and real estate. With
an investment loan, we can help your business grow.


An investment loan is intended to finance significant business development projects, such as the installation or renovation of various production facilities or technologies, the acquisition or construction of immovable property, the purchase of construction machinery or vehicles, etc.

  • Loan term up to 7 years
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Loan amount from 50.000 to 2.000.000 EUR


Available collateral:

  • Investment property
  • Other fixed assets owned by the company
  • INVEGA guarantee

In the case of an investment loan, Invega interest reimbursement is available. As of 1 January 2024, the maximum amount reimbursed is 40% of the interest amount, up to a maximum of 5% of the annual interest for a 3-year period.

If you would like to use the INVEGA guarantee or compensation of interest for your loan, please visit this page for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to apply for an investment loan?
You must submit a completed standard bank application form, financial statements and a description of the investment project, financial projections and an estimate of the planned investment.
How is the investment loan used?
When investing in property, the project usually consists of 2 parts: the equity part and the amount financed by the bank. The proportions are negotiated with the bank and agreed individually. Bank funds are usually used when the company has already invested its share. The use of bank funds can be staggered over a number of times according to a pre-agreed period. The start of repayment is also agreed individually: one month after the first drawdown, or when the newly acquired assets start generating income.
What are the advantages of an investment loan for a company?
New investments allow your company to achieve its objectives: to increase turnover by producing more goods or services; to increase efficiency and profitability; to increase employee satisfaction by creating better, more comfortable working conditions; to contribute to sustainability objectives by ensuring a less polluting process for the creation of goods or services; to increase competitive advantage by using modern technology.
What is the difference between an investment loan and a working capital loan?
Working capital financing loans are designed to balance the day-to-day flows of inventories, customer receivables and supplier payables, to finance a company’s working capital: to buy inventories, to make longer provisions for customers, thus earning a higher margin; to make shorter provisions for suppliers, thus reducing the cost of supply. All these balancing measures require working capital.
An investment loan is used to finance the acquisition of fixed assets and business expansion.
What are the lending fees and commissions?

Usually there are interest rates calculated for using an overdraft.


You can find the fees and commissions which are applicable for EMBank lending products:

Service or transaction Fee, EUR
1 Administration fee for concluding Loan agreement From 0,5% of the amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
2 Fee for increasing the amount of the Loan From 0,2 % of the total outstanding amount (min. 200 €)
3 Fee for extending of the maturity of the Loan From 0,5 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
4 Fee for other amendments of the Loan agreement From 0,1 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
5 Commitment fee From 1 % of the unused amount of the Loan
6 Fee for early repayment of the Loan 2 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan to be repaid (min. 200 €)


Other fees:

7 Issuance of the permission to pledge collateral by subsequent pledge 0,5% of the amount of the Loan (min. 300 €)
8 Other permissions and consents 50 €
9 Documents issued by Local customer request 50 €

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