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The cache is the stored data in your computer such as images from the web pages that you have visited.  When you visit the webpage next time, it will load more quickly since some data is already stored in your system.


Why do you need to clear the cache?

When you clear the cache, your device will download the fresh data from the bank’s system instead of using the earlier stored data (cache). So, clearing cache prevents you from using old versions and helps our applications run better on your computer.

To have instant access to all the innovations and fixes, we kindly ask you to delete the cache of the EMBank page on your device regularly by following the instructions below. If you need further support, please contact with mailto:[email protected]


Cache Refresh Instructions

Please choose your browser:


Close all Chrome browsers and open a fresh page, copy this following link and paste it in your browser’s address bar chrome://settings/cookies/detail?

and click the Remove All