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Leasing at EMBank

EMBank provides leasing service to equip your business with the right gear. Grow your fleet, renovate your equipment, pursue more with new commercial vehicles.

Equipment leasing is a great way for businesses to get the equipment they need without having to make a large upfront investment. Leasing allows businesses to get the equipment they need now and spread the payments out over time. This can free up cash flow and help businesses stay within their budget.


  • Flexible solutions for each Business
  • Fast process avoiding notaries
  • The beginning of the loan’s repayment can be postponed until 3 months.


  • Financing amount from 5,000 EUR to 2,000,000 EUR
  • Financing is provided to purchase transport vehicles, production equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.
  • Bullet payment amount at the end of lease term available depending on the asset and contract maturity.
  • The upfront fee is at least 10%
  • A property being leased must be insured in favour of the Bank for the entire loan term.
  • Movable asset (vehicles or commercial vehicles) must be registered under EMB name in the State Enterprise – Regitra.
  • The minimum maturity date for leasing is 6 months while the maximum is 6 years.
  • Monthly repayment schedule

How to Apply for Leasing?

The most common way is through a bank’s online application.

The first step in applying for a lease is gathering all the necessary paperwork. This includes financial statements, commercial offer, a business plan. The next step is to fill out a leasing application. The application will ask for basic information about the business, such as the type of business, the length of time in the business, and the amount of space needed.

Once the application is complete, it will be reviewed by the Bank. Bankwill determine if the business is a good fit for a lease. When the application is approved, the next step is to negotiate the terms of the lease. This includes the lease’s length, downpayment, and any other terms and conditions.

Once the terms of the lease are agreed upon, the last step is to sign the lease and move into the new space.

If you would like to use the INVEGA guarantee or compensation of interest for your loan, please visit this page for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is leasing?
Leasing is a process by which a business can obtain the use of certain assets for a period of time. The most common leasing arrangement is for businesses to lease equipment from another business. This type of lease is often used when a business needs a particular piece of equipment for a short period of time and does not want to purchase the equipment outright.

Another common type of leasing arrangement is for businesses to lease office space or other real estate from another business. This type of arrangement is often used when a business needs a particular type of space for a short period of time and does not want to purchase the space outright.

A lease can be a very beneficial arrangement for businesses. It can allow businesses to obtain the use of assets that they would not be able to afford to purchase outright. Additionally, leasing can provide businesses with flexibility in terms of the lease’s length and terms of the agreement.

How does leasing work?

Leasing can be a flexible and affordable way to get the equipment your business needs without a large upfront investment.

There are two main types of leases: operating leases and capital leases. Operating leases are typically used for short-term rentals or for equipment with a relatively short useful life. Capital leases are used for equipment that will be used for a longer period of time, such as real estate or vehicles.

The terms of a lease agreement will vary depending on the type of equipment being leased and the length of the lease. Typically, leases are for 12, 24, or 36 months. At the end of the lease, you may have the option to purchase the equipment for its fair market value, return the equipment, or renew the lease.

Who benefits from business leasing?
There are many different types of businesses that can benefit from leasing. Retail businesses can use leasing to acquire the necessary equipment and fixtures to open their store. Office businesses can use leasing to acquire the furniture and equipment they need to get their business up and running. Service businesses can use leasing to acquire the vehicles and equipment they need to provide their services. Just about any type of business can benefit from leasing in some way.
What is the difference between leasing and business loans?
There are a few key differences between leasing and business loans. First, with a loan, you’ll typically get the full amount of money you’ve requested all at once. With a lease, you may only get a portion of the money upfront, with the rest coming in periodic payments. Second, a loan needs to be repaid with interest, while a lease may not. Third, loans are often secured by collateral, while leases are not. Finally, leases tend to be shorter than loans, typically lasting anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

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