About Us

Learn more about the European Merchant Bank.

Open Banking Through a Single API

EMBank offers direct access to banking services by following the open banking practices and the latest European regulatory guidelines. Our goal is to combine digital banking opportunities with the best face-to-face consultancy in order to empower you and your partners’ growth.

Our Story

Banking for growth means having the technology and business insight to empower our clients. We see our offering as a total package consisting of a European banking license, single API based software, and the know-how to provide a true Banking as a Software offering.

We pride ourselves on high professional standards, transparent practices and equal commitment to all our partners. We are entrepreneurs by heart and experienced bankers in mind. We will work together with your business to help secure its rapid growth and long term success.

Our Philosophy

Trust and Integrity


Honesty and integrity are key ingredients in developing trust with our clients. Building trust is at the heart of everything we do.

Passion for Quality


Quality matters but being passionate about quality matters even more. Our passion inspires new ideas, and we bring them to life with the highest quality.

Attention to Details


The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. We choose the latter.

Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision – Digital Banking for growth;
Our mission
– Digital Banking services in your hand in the spirit of EU regulation;
Our Values
– Passion, Innovations, Hard work, and Trust;

Our Management Team

We boast a management team with decades of experience in technology and finance. This enables us to provide cutting edge digital banking services that are grounded in regulatory expertise.

Supervisory Board

Ekmel Cilingir

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Vygintas Bubnys

Independent Member of the Supervisory Board

Vaineta Barevičiūtė

Independent Member of the Supervisory Board

Executive Team

Semin Dulek

Acting CEO

Dinas Petrikas

Head of Local Sales

Guven Aytas

Head of Global Sales

Management Team

Ozan Alparslan

Head of Internal Audit

Izzet Yalinbas

Head of Treasury

Ezgi Karaca

Head of Financial Institutions

Ozge Gurluk

Head of Operations

Gaye Akar

Head of Human Resources


Working at EMBank is not about having the longest experience or the greatest CV. You simply need to be determined to become the best at what you do.

We are not looking for old school bankers, we are looking for next generation fintech artists.


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