Taxes are applied to legal entities registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania, which are not electronic money institutions, payment institutions or banks/credit unions, and to natural persons engaged in economic and commercial activities.

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Credit Products

Service or transaction Fee, EUR
Administration fee for concluding Loan agreement From 0,5% of the amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
Fee for increasing the amount of the Loan From 0,2 % of the total outstanding amount (min. 200 € )
Fee for extending of the maturity of the Loan From 0,5 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
Fee for other amendments of the Loan agreement From 0,1 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan (min. 200 €)
Commitment fee From 1 % of the unused amount of the Loan
Fee for early repayment of the Loan 2 % of the outstanding amount of the Loan to be repaid (min. 200 €)
Issuance of the permission to pledge collateral by subsequent pledge 0,5% of the amount of the Loan (min. 300 €)
Other permissions and consents 50 €
Documents issued by Local customer request 50 €



10 Standard text Guarantee agreement From 0,5 % (min. 100 €)
11 Non-Standard text Guarantee agreement From 0,6 % (min. 150 €)
12 Change of Guarantee conditions 100 €
13 Verification of received Guarantee or modification of Guarantee terms by Local customer request 50 €
14 Notification on receipt of a Guarantee or change of its condition 50 €
15 To cancel a request to issue Guarantee 50 €
16 Administration of claim to pay according to the Guarantee issued 0,1% (min. 200 €)
17 Preparation of request or information on Guarantee upon Local customer’s request EUR 50 €
18 Document handling and courier service abroad EUR 120 €
19 Document handling and courier service in Lithuania EUR 60 €
20 Transfer of claim according to the Guarantee issued EUR 80 €


Account and Payment Services:

Money Transmission Fee, EUR
Between account holder accounts in EM Bank through internet banking 0.00 €
Sending money to another customer account in EM Bank through internet banking 0.30 €
SEPA transfer (in case of loan disbursement) 5.00 €
SEPA transfer outgoing through internet banking 0.40 €
SEPA transfer incoming through internet banking 0.00 €
International not SEPA Outgoing (EUR) SHA

8.00 €

(plus any correspondent bank charges)

International Incoming (EUR) SHA

20.00 €

(plus any correspondent bank charges)

Account Opening  
Onboarding fee 0.00 €
Verification of one UBO non-Lithuanian resident, but resident of EU 300.00 €
Verification of one UBO non-EU resident 500.00 €
Account Maintenance*  
Monthly account fee (per each account) 0.00 €
Monthly account fee for High and Very High-risk customers 50.00 €
Appointment of a new client representative 20.00 €
Registration of entity’s legal status and assigning a bankruptcy administrator to the account management 20.00 €
Bank Statements  
Account balance 15.00 €
For customer‘s auditors 30.00 €
Others Not less than 45.00 €
Copies of Documents  
Agreements and other documents 6.00 €
Fee for issuing documents within 3 business days by post 120.00 €
By post in Lithuania regular 6.00 €
By post in Lithuania registered 12.00 €
By registered post to foreign countries 24.00 €
Escrow Account  
Account opening and related to transaction documentation preparation From 0,15%
Not less than 1’000 EUR

* Fees apply even if no transactions were carried out through the account.