Segregated Accounts

Hold the funds of your customers separate from yours.

Segregated Bank Accounts at EMBank

Clarity is something that cannot be compromised, neither in your business nor in your banking.

When you send payments on behalf of customers, you need to know that these transactions have been executed exactly as you intended. Equally important is being able to clearly identify incoming funds.

To this end, we offer segregated accounts, perfectly tailored for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and other financial institutions. Whenever you need to, you will always be able to identify which funds belong to which clients.

Customer funds are clearly separated from the financial institution’s own funds at all times.

Other Account Options

EMBank offers various bank accounts for EMIs, PIs and other financial institutions. Some of these accounts are a direct result of regulatory requirements. We understand the need of financial institutions and are geared towards enabling your business to grow.

Bank Account Services

Having an account with European Merchant Bank gives you the opportunity to initiate transactions, view transaction details, and check your balance either through our web portal or via our single API Embedded Finance service.