Feb 27, 2024

EMBank has become the General Sponsor of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra

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The European Merchant Bank (EMBank) has signed a partnership agreement with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra (LVSO) and has become its general sponsor.

‘Our bank always strives to be more than an innovation-driven financial institution – we partner with businesses and the community. By supporting the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, we are contributing to the promotion of culture but also highlighting the importance of collaboration’ says Sarp Demiray, CEO of EMBank.

This partnership is part of EMBank’s aim to support initiatives that foster culture and community.

‘The European Merchant Bank’s support for the orchestra is a natural expression of our commitment as a company that cares not only about financial but also social sustainability. Professional music has always been a way of connecting people and moving society forward. We are delighted to be a part of this in Lithuania and take the initial step with reopening of this great new hall,’ Demiray added.

EMBank is licensed by the European Central Bank (ECB), and was established in 2018 in Vilnius. European Merchant Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services, including direct access to banking services, lending options, SEPA payment services, SWIFT, TARGET2 transfers.


The orchestra – part of the revival movement

The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra (LVSO) is one of the country’s leading music ensembles, with deep roots and an important role in Lithuanian cultural life. Founded in 1988 in Vilnius, it was initially known as the Youth Symphony Orchestra and gave its first concert on 30 January 1989. Since its foundation, the orchestra has been led by its artistic director, founder and chief conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius.

The orchestra’s activities began during the national revival and developed with the restoration of independent Lithuania. The orchestra symbolised the renewal of a young state and society, and its programmes became a repertoire explosion in the capital’s musical life. The ambitious G. Rinkevičius presented monumental works and music from different eras to the audience, which had never been heard in Lithuania before.

From the beginning, the orchestra attracted great interest and support and in 1999, it acquired a permanent home – the Vilnius Congress Hall, which became its main venue. Even though the hall was not initially designed for music, it quickly became a favourite among audiences.

At the beginning of this year, after two years of reconstruction the Congress Hall will be reopened to the public as LVSO Concert Hall. The hall’s volume has almost doubled, substantially improving its acoustics, and the lounge, corridors and other spaces have been completely renovated. According to G. Rinkevičius, the hall will become one of the most attractive concert spaces in Lithuania and the Baltic states.

The LVSO is distinguished by its repertoire and wide-ranging activities, including stage productions of operas, collaborations with renowned performers and conductors, and its educational mission. The orchestra has toured Europe, participated in international festivals and collaborated with world-class musicians.

This cooperation will help the LVSO better introduce its audiences to the highest level of professional musical art, contribute to disseminating musical ideas, promote Lithuania and help young talents emerge.

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