Jun 4, 2024

EMBank continues to invest in efficiency and security by moving its banking systems to the Oracle Cloud

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European Merchant Bank (EMBank) continues to strive for the most reliable financial services. To this end, EMBank has migrated its primary banking systems to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This solution will further enhance data security and enable the optimisation of operations through the most advanced analytical methods. Sarp Demiray, the CEO of EMBank, says that using the OCI cloud will take the bank’s operations and services to a higher level, with the benefits being felt by its customers.

Mr Demiray: “We work with a substantial volume of data, so data security and efficient use of data are very high on our agenda. Moving our banking systems to the cloud will allow us to streamline our operations and use only the tools we need at any given time. This will allow us to focus more on improving and expanding our services.”

The OCI cloud will also improve system performance in all the bank’s key activities and services, such as payment processing, risk assessment and management, etc. According to the CEO of EMBank, the migration of banking systems to the cloud is forward-looking and focused on expansion, coupled with quality and speed.

“EMBank achieved a powerful Cloud Infrastructure to drive their innovative initiatives forward”- said Gjergji Guri, founder and CEO of Facilization, the company that successfully transitioned EMBank’s Oracle applications to the cloud. Facilization values the close collaboration with EMBank experts in building scalable architecture to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the digitally regulated future.

“Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is considered one of the leading providers of technology solutions, which is reflected in its expertise and the technology solutions it offers. Our approach and that of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are aligned, as we work together to ensure that services are widely accessible and as secure as possible. We are building the bank’s future with the most innovative solutions and this move marks a new and significant chapter in our bank’s history,” concluded Mr Demiray.

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