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Providing financial accessibility to small and medium-sized enterprises when there is a lack of adequate collateral.

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Invega Guarantees

A portfolio guarantee secures a repayment of 80% of a loan, credit or lease to a bank.

Loans, credit or leases covered by a portfolio guarantee are granted and documented by selected financial intermediaries in accordance with their internal policies and procedures.

INVEGA facilitates access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) when the customer has limited available collaterals to offer.


  • 80% of the loan amount is guaranteed by INVEGA
  • Guarantee can be applicable to all type of lending products
  • Financial accessibility to financing when there is lack of adequate collateral
  • Fast decision
  • Posibility of compensation of interests by Invega in case of investment loans


  • The loan amount is up to EUR 1,875,000 and the term – up to 120 months
  • The maximum amount of financing that can be guaranteed by the portfolio guarantee is EUR 1,875,000, or:
    • For entities engaged in road haulage operations – EUR 937,500;
    • For entities engaged in primary production of agricultural products – EUR 234,375;
    • For entities engaged fishery and aquaculture operations – EUR 375,000.
  • The maximum duration of a loan with a portfolio guarantee is 10 years for investment loans, 5 years for working capital loans and 3 years for credit line
  • 80% applies to each transaction in the financial institution’s portfolio, but INVEGA’s total disbursement amount cannot exceed the maximum limit.

How does INVEGA work?

Loans, credit or leases covered by a portfolio guarantee are assessed and granted by EMBank in accordance with bank‘s internal policies and procedures.

Decision to grant a loan with portfolio gurantee is made by EMbank, thus no additional procedures are needed. A portfolio guarantee secures a repayment of 80% of a loan to a financial intermediary in case customer dafaults to pay its obligations.

Who Is An Eligible for INVEGA guarantee?

To be eligible for INVEGA guarantee with EMBank, you will need to be a small – medium business. Please enquire with us regarding your eligibility at EMBank.

Portfolio guarantee is subject to De minimis aid according to European regulation ( 2013 December 18 Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013; 18 December 2013 Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1408/2013; 27 June 2014 Commission Regulation (EU) No. 717/2014 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union)
customer has to have available de minimis state aid in order to comply to guarantee program. De mininis aid is calucalted by the formula determined by Invega.

Maximum De minimis aid for one Customer is subject on its type of activity and during the period of three financial years and cannot exceed:
-In case customer is not in primary production of agricultural – 200,000 Eur
-In case customer is not in is engaged in road freight transport – 100,000 Eur.
-In case customer is engaged in the primary production of agricultural products, – 25,000 Eur.
-In case customer is engaged in the primary activity of production of fishing – 40,000 Eur.

Interest compensation for small and medium-sized business entities

For loans (investment loans or financial leases) that are applied for interest repayment no later than 6 months from the date of signing the loan agreement, there is the possibility of repayment up to 40% of the amount of interest actually paid, up to a maximum of 5% per annum.

Eligibility and Duration:
  • The interest compensation period cannot exceed 36 months.
  • This period starts from the first day of the month following the submission of the application to INVEGA.
  • Compensation cannot extend beyond the loan repayment term specified in the loan agreement.
Compensation Details (Effective February 1, 2024):
  • Interest Compensation Rate: Up to 40% of the actual interest paid, with a maximum of 5% annual interest.
  • Vehicle Loan Limitations:
    • Interest compensation is applicable for a portion of the loan amount up to EUR 35,000 per vehicle unit.
    • Only loans for vehicles classified under category N, O, special purpose, and others specified in point 6.1 of the instrument description are eligible.
Aid Limits:
  • Compensation is provided within the limits of de minimis aid, according to Regulation (EU) No. 2023/2831.
  • The total de minimis aid granted to one company must not exceed EUR 300,000 over any three-year period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is INVEGA guarantee?
The INVEGA portfolio guarantee scheme for loans is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises obtain funding when they lack collateral that meets the requirements of financial institutions. This guarantee applies to loans included in the bank’s loan portfolio and is accessible to such enterprises operating within the Republic of Lithuania.
How to apply?
Fill the application form for loan or contact with [email protected] for further details. For more information about INVEGA, please visit
What are the main conditions for INVEGA portfolio guarantee for loans?
The maximum loan amount is EUR 1,875,000; however:

– Road freight companies can receive up to EUR 937,500.
– Companies in primary agricultural production can access up to EUR 234,375.
– For businesses in fisheries and aquaculture, the limit is EUR 281,250.

These guaranteed loans are intended for financing both investments and working capital.

Funding options and durations include:

– Investment loans for a maximum of 120 months.
– Leasing or inverse leasing for up to 84 months.
– Lines of credit and working capital loans for up to 36 months.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to obtain multiple loans, as long as the total amount doesn’t exceed the de minimis aid granted to a single enterprise.