Nov 29, 2022

EMBank presents a new member of the supervisory board: Simona Grinevičienė

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Simona Grinevičienė became a new independent member of the supervisory board for European Merchant Bank (EMBank). She has joined existing board members Ekmel Cilingir, Vygintas Bubnys and Hakan Türkmen.

“I am proud to have been given the opportunity to join a rapidly growing digital bank in Lithuania. I hope that the knowledge I have gained working in the public sector and at international companies will be useful as EMBank takes a firm step forward. I can’t wait to share my experience with the other members of the board and contribute to the further implementation of the bank’s plans,” says Ms Grinevičienė.

The task of this board is to supervise the activities of the management board and the general affairs of the bank, as stipulated in the internal regulations of EMBank, in accordance with the rules in force in Lithuania.

The new member was also welcomed by Ekmel Cilingir, chairman of the EMBank board: “Simona Grinevičienė will undoubtedly be a strong contribution to the supervisory board, which is made up of experienced banking sector professionals. We are thrilled to have an expert in corporate governance and law join us. I am certain that her knowledge will be significantly valuable to the corporate governance of the bank, and that we will become an even stronger team that contributes to the realisation of the company’s goals.”

About EMBank

EMBank is licensed by the European Central Bank (ECB) and is a member of SEPA, SWIFT and TARGET2. The bank provides working capital and investment loans, especially for SMEs, and offers banking solutions. EMBank’s main customers operate in manufacturing, agriculture, wholesale and retail trade, transport, rent and leasing, real estate, and construction.

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