May 16, 2022

Eugenijus Preikša became a member of the Board of European Merchant Bank

Eugenijus Preikša, who has more than 35 years of experience in the financial and banking sector and also holds the position of Chief Risk Officer has joined the Board of European Merchant Bank, as a new member.

“From the very beginning of the European Merchant Bank’s operations in Lithuania, I see this bank as having a lot of potential and a significant contribution to the Fintech community, Lithuania’s business and the overall growth of the Lithuanian economy. As with any fast-growing financial institution, high-quality, professional and well-thought-out solutions are now very important to this bank. Therefore, I hope that by sharing my views based on many years of theoretical and practical experience in the financial sector, I will help to make such decisions, ”says E. Preikša.

E. Preikša, who has more than 35 years of experience in the financial and banking sector and has become the fifth member of the Board of the Bank, has been working as the Risk Management Manager of European Merchant Bank since the autumn of last year. Prior to that, he spent 21 years at Swedbank, where he spent most of his time as the Deputy Chairman of the Board, Deputy Head of Administration and Chief Risk Officer of this bank in Lithuania, and from 2018 he was the Chief Risk Officer of Swedbank, AB for the Baltic States. From 2015 to 2021, E. Preikša represented the Lithuanian Banking Association in the European Banking Federation.

According to Sarp Demiray, CEO of European Merchant Bank, E. Preikša’s becoming a member of the Board is exactly what the bank needed at this stage.

“The joining of a valuable professional like Eugenijus to our team was an indication of the importance and priority we place on risk issues. Now, we have taken our cooperation with him even further by asking him to join the Board. We believe his participation on the Management Board empowers the fast-growing EMBank to meet even greater challenges,” says S. Demiray.

Ekmel Cilingir, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of European Merchant Bank, emphasized that the joining of the new member to the Board marked a successful stage in the bank’s growth.

“From the very beginning of our operations in 2019, we have realized that growth will strongly depend on how familiar we are with the market and how well we make the most appropriate decisions. Having him as a member of the Board is a very important step for the bank. His solid experience will undoubtedly make our activities in Lithuania even more efficient, ”says E. Cilingir.

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