Escrow Account

For reliable assurance of payments between buyer and seller

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Escrow Account

EMBank escrow account ensures payment settlement between seller and buyer in significant transactions such as buying or selling valuable assets such as company shares, real estate, movable property, etc.


  • Payment security assurance for a seller.
  • Custom made agreement according to specific needs.
  • Initiation of fund transfer solely upon receipt of documentation verifying the finalization of the transaction.

How does it work?

In an escrow agreement, one party – typically referred to as the depositor, entrusts funds to the escrow agent until the terms of the contract are fulfilled. Once the specified conditions are satisfied, the escrow agent releases the funds to the designated beneficiary. Escrow agreements are frequently utilized in various financial transactions, particularly those involving substantial sums of money.

Escrow agreements must comprehensively outline the terms and conditions governing all parties involved. Implementing such an agreement ensures that the obligations of each party are fulfilled, thereby facilitating secure transaction process.

Typically, an escrow agreement defines such main conditions:

– Designated escrow agent
– Specific conditions for the release of escrowed funds
– Responsibilities and liabilities of the escrow agent
– Fees and expenses associated with the services provided by the escrow agent


What is escrow account?
An escrow account is a financial arrangement where a third party, typically a trusted institution, holds funds or assets on behalf of two other parties involved in a transaction. These funds or assets are held by the escrow agent until specific conditions agreed upon by the parties are met. Once the conditions are satisfied, the escrow agent releases the funds or assets to the designated recipient, thus ensuring security and trust in the transaction process. Escrow accounts are commonly used in various transactions, including real estate purchases, mergers and acquisitions, online transactions, and legal settlements, among others.
How to open an escrow account?
Escrow account agreement is signed and account is opened in accordance with agreement signed between buyer and seller. Please contact with [email protected] for further details of the application.
What are the fees and commissions for lending?
Account opening and related to transaction documentation preparation From 0,15%

Not less than 1’000 Eur

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