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International Payments

You’ve got payments to make internationally, you need them done reliably. You need them done fast. You need a variety of instruments so we give you access to a range of international payment networks. Not only you can use SWIFT and SEPA but also our single API solution as well. We’ll give you the ability of not only making single real-time payments but also scheduled bulk payments on which you can rely. You need choices, we give them to you.

Local Payments

Reputation matters and nothing enhances reputation in business like paying on time does. We know that so we give you the means of making and receiving timely payments throughout the EU using our unique platform. Do business outside the EU? No problem, we can help with that too. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll customize payment setups for you to include other jurisdictions as well.


Business moves fast and so too do payment methods. You want to keep up with these changes, we make sure that you can do just that. Alternative Payment Methods, (APM’s) are ways of making payments beyond the traditional. It is no longer just cash and credit cards that are used for payments but now a host of APM’s as well. Increasingly these methods are becoming more essential for merchants focused on expansion and we are constantly working on partnering with providers of APM’s to make available to you the tools required for growth in any corner of the world.

Compliance with AMLCTF Regulations (EU Directives, FATF standards and local legal acts and requirements from local regulators Bank of Lithuania and FNTT)

In today’s regulated environment compliance is a requirement of the highest order. Knowing that our support of you requires strict adherence to all directives and regulations we are dedicated to the highest levels of due diligence to ensure that in all facets we conform to the highest standards. European Merchant Bank AMLCTF program considers policies and procedures which comprehensively include our commitment to: AMLCTF Manual and procedures approved by the Board, KYC CDD Procedures and Risk Based Approach for Customers and approval of High Risk Customers by the High Management, AMLCTF Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment, Automated ongoing Customer Sanction Screening, Transaction Screening and Monitoring systems, AMLCTF Training for all of its Employees and Specific procedures for reporting on suspicious monetary operations or transactions to the local regulator, which will be filed by the designated MLRO of the European Merchant Bank. We ensure compliance with AMLCTF Regulations (EU Directives, FATF standards and local legal acts and requirements from local regulators Bank of Lithuania and FNTT) Knowing our strict adherence to these regulations means that you can rest assured that we will always be there for you when you need us.

Memberships and Partners

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