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Enjoy the freedom of fee-free SWIFT and TARGET2 in worldwide.
Onboarding fee is also “0” at EMBank!

Flexible lending solutions for your Business!

Flexible and tailor-made financing solutions to help your business grow with INVEGA guarantee.


  • 12 months without any fees
  • 3% interest on a business current account if the average monthly balance is over €50’000

Our Products and Services for Businesses


EMBank offers a whole range of lending products, from working capital loans to overdraft facilities. We also offer investment loans, leasing, and long-term loans specifically for EU businesses.

If need be, we are happy to provide a tailor-made lending product to bring your business to the next level.


EMBank offers a wide range of accounts and streamlines procedures for businesses and financial institutions to swiftly meet their business needs and regulatory requirements.


EMBank offers both local and international payment options, as well as foreign exchange (FX) services and alternative payment methods (APMs).

We make EUR payments throughout the world with our TARGET2 membership and network.In addition to SWIFT, TARGET2, and SEPA, we also have access to regional payment networks.


Ideal account to store and manage your funds in a safe way.

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