Flexible lending solutions
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With flexible tailor-made lending offers, we aim to support your business’s growth and financial strength

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At EMBank, we strive to offer the best possible lending options. Our goal is to enable your business and support your growth long-term.

Working Capital

Our working capital loan can support your business during challenging times. This short-term loan solution will cater to your immediate working capital needs.

Credit Line

Sometimes in business there are unexpected events. EMBank’s credit line is dedicated to helping you meet all your liquidity challenges.


We want you to be as agile as your business needs. We understand your mindset and offer our clients an overdraft facility. With no fixed terms, our overdraft service offers flexibility whenever you need liquidity.

Investment Loan

From building premises to buying land, from launching a new project to investing in technology that will help you outpace the competition, we have the right loan option for you.


Renovate your business for increased efficacy through EMBank’s leasing solutions.

INVEGA Guarantee for Financing

Providing financial accessibility to small and medium-sized enterprises when there is a lack of adequate collateral

Need a different loan?

If the loan options listed above don’t cater to your needs