Manage your funds in the right accounts tailored to your needs.

EMBank Accounts

Having an account with European Merchant Bank gives you the opportunity to make local and international payments, utilize foreign exchange (FX) services, view transaction details, and much more via our single API Embedded Finance solution or via our web interface.

Choose among our broad range of account options to cater to your exact needs.

If you want to learn more about our account types or our Embedded Finance solution, please get in touch.


As a new business start-up, you will need an account for the deployment of the authorised capital

At EMBank we do understand that this is a challenge for many business owners and entrepreneurs.
We are here to get you going.


The importance of your daily banking needs can’t be emphasised enough.

Most banking providers struggle to keep up with the ever-growing business and regulatory requirements.

Our business accounts are here to cater for your exact needs.


Safeguarding client funds is a legal obligation for most financial institutions.

EMBank can provide you with safeguarding accounts to cater to this requirement.

Not only will you be able to keep the funds of your customers safe, but you’ll also meet your regulatory obligations.


Segregation of funds, such as client funds, is not only a sign of good practice but often also a regulatory requirement.

At EMBank we do understand how challenging this obligation can be for most businesses.

Here is where our segregated multi account solution comes into play.

Term Deposit

A Term Deposit Account is often used to store your funds in a safe way.
Detailed information about the terms and conditions of deposit insurance, deposits that are not insured as well as cases when insurance compensations are not paid can be found on the website of the State Enterprise “Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas” Additional information for depositors can be found here.
Start managing your funds with a Term Deposit account.