Accumulative Account

Are you a new business startup? Are you opening a branch of your entity in Lithuania? You will need an account for the formation of authorized capital. You will want a way to accomplish this that is both secure and efficient, and we have the solution. Save valuable time as this account is simple to open and allows you to instantly form authorized capital online.

Business account

Your business is fast, agile and dynamic, you need an account that can keep up with all of your daily banking needs. Our business account is perfectly matched to accomplish just this. Execute payment transactions, transfer salaries and keep your finger on the pulse of all your income and expenses. We’ll keep up with you, no matter how quickly you need to adapt, we’ll be right beside you, keeping the pace.

Safeguarding accounts

You believe that safeguarding your customers’ funds is of paramount importance. Well, we agree and to ensure this we have created the option to open a designated separate account. Not only you will be able to keep the funds of your customer’s safe, but you’ll also be reassured of meeting your regulatory obligations. Relax, we’re here to support you.

Segregated accounts

Clarity is something that cannot be compromised, neither in your business nor in your banking. When you send or receive payments on behalf of customers you need to know that those transactions have been reliably made. Equally important is being able to clearly identify them. To this end we offer segregated accounts, perfectly tailored for Payment Service Providers (PSP.) Wherever you are, whenever you need to, you will always be able to identify which funds belong to which clients. Customer funds are clearly separated from the PSP’s own funds.

Term Deposit Account

You will not accept not having your money working for you. We will not have that either, so we can offer you a term deposit account. Whatever length of time suits your investment horizon, from overnight to as long as up to a year, we’ll make sure your money is working as hard as you are. You can be assured that whilst you are resting, your money isn’t.

Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF)

We are licensed by the European Central Bank and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. All our deposits are covered by Lithuania Deposit and Investment Scheme (DIF) which follows same rules and regulation as other members of European Economical Area (EEA). For more information visit as well as the link to the “INFORMACIJA INDĖLININKUI”.

Memberships and Partners

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